Benbro’s export strategy for LED street lighting systems

The export strategy we developed to sell our new LED street lighting systems to the Philippines was featured in a recent issue of Manufacturers Monthly Magazine.

Benbro already exports to New Zealand, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and is even one of the very few Australian companies that exports electronic systems to China.   

Bureaucratic and regulatory challenges, long decision-making times and cultural differences are challenges that face all exporters and are generally solved by the selection of a qualified distributor and a lot of patience.

However Benbro, under the leadership of CEO Danny Martinez,  are using a  different approach in the Philippines where they have appointed both a local representative as well as a local distributor to handle their new LED street lighting systems.

According to Martinez, “Ordinarily a traditional distributor will have a variety of products to handle and will not necessarily spend its entire resources on your range.  So we adopted a dual-pronged approach.  We appointed a rep with good government and industry connections and a conventional distributor and have asked each of them to co-ordinate their efforts”.

The representative gives his time exclusively to Benbro’s products and the distributor supplies the necessary sales and technical support.