Benbro sponsors award-winning young talent

Benbro recently sponsored and provided technical support to two young boys who are avid and highly successful builders of autonomous robots.

Brothers Joel & John Peiris started making robots from Lego kits at a very early age.  In 2015 Joel & John came 3rd in Australian Robocup Junior National Championship.  This qualified them to participate in the World Robot Olympiad held in New Delhi where they came 25th in the world despite Joel being aged only 11 and John 8.

That was followed by them being placed in the top 16 at the subsequent 2016 World Robot Olympiad held in Costa Rica.

Their continued success ultimately resulted in them gaining a recent Rio Tinto Promise Award. 

From 2017 onwards Joel and John moved on from their humble robotic beginnings and started building more electronics based autonomous robots.  They will enter the Australian State & National championships in 2019 and hope to qualify to once again represent Australia internationally.

On behalf of BENBRO and all our customers, we are delighted to be helping such talented young men.