Benbro's sister company is working on novel technologies

Benbro Electronics has a sister company, DBD Innovations Pty Ltd (DBDI) that carries out R&D.

DBDI is developing novel technologies that make use of the electric discharge that is created in the air gap between two metal electrodes, one of which is covered with an insulating layer. This unusual type of electric discharge is known as a Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD).

We have developed a proprietary method of testing dielectric materials using a DBD.

The discharge is created in air gap between the device electrode and the tested dielectric covering a conductive substrate, which becomes the second electrode. The properties of the discharge change as the properties of the tested material vary.

 By observing the changes in the properties of DBD we can detect micro-sized defects (e.g.pinholes) in the dielectric.  It thus provides a novel and simple way of detecting flaws in protective coatings.

None of the other current techniques of Non-Destructive Testing offer the combined advantages of the DBDI method.

Patents in the US (# 9638664) and EU (# 2707704) for the method have been issued.

DBDI is now working on commercialisation of the technology with partners in the US and Europe.