Tony Abbott visits Benbro

The Hon. Tony Abbott, our ex-Prime Minister, and current Federal MP for Warringah, visited Benbro to discuss the challenges of small manufacturing business'.  Tony has previously visited Benbro, and has been a huge supporter of small business in Australia.

Tony with Andrew

Tony was very interested in how the Australian electronics industry keeps its competitive edge, despite the obvious pressures that foreign manufacturing places on the industry.  Benbro has reversed the trend, and currently exports to China, and other Asian countries.

Tony with Aaron

Tony was especially interested in the Benbro range of Australian designed, Australian made LED lighting.  Benbro LED lighting offers increased efficiency, reliability and longevity, when compared to existing LED lighting.  Benbro LED street lighting was one of the key discussion areas.

Tony was keen to offer advice, and this knowledge will assist Benbro to expand its sales of Australian Made products.  Benbro aims to be one of the largest electronic designers/manufacturers in Australia, and expand our export sales.  This will directly translate to more job opportunities for blue and white collar employees.