8-16 Stage Solar Charge Regulators

The Benbro PVLink PNP is an 8 x 25 Amp array stage commercial solar charge regulator which is suitable for -48V hybrid systems. It can also control an additional 8 x 25 Amp stage slave and can support Ethernet Connectivity The PVLink PnP RMD-200 consists of • The RMD-200 Sub Rack (inc PSU Card & I/O Card • ASR-25 Array Stage Regulators (up to 8) • ASR Controller • Communications and Logging option The RMD-200 sub-rack is a 19” rack mountable chassis of which the top 3RU contains the ASR Controller, the power supply, Data logging card slots and ASR-25 array stage regulators. The lower 6RU (RMD-200) provides cable termination points for power via buss bars, terminals and Load circuit breakers and the signal connections via the Input / Output board as well as optional communications card. Under normal operation the ASR-25 regulators will be slave-switched by the ASR Controller in sequence to effect regulation of charge through the solar array stages into the battery bank(s). The RMD-200 utilises battery voltage sensing to effect the charge regime as recommended by battery manufacturer for Float, Boost and Equalisation charging. Battery voltage is measured using a dedicated Battery Sense cable pair. The display provides visual indication of the system status including system Voltage, current, temperature, AH logging and alarm status. The ASR 200 supports Ethernet connectivity with SNMP and embedded web browser capability

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