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Contract Manufacturing

SMD & Through Hole

Benbro can handle all your electronics manufacturing, from fine pitch surface mount, all the way to large through-hole components and heat sinks. We can also manufacture your PCB’s, with a range of options available.

Australian or Overseas Manufacturing

We have dedicated staff, who can manufacture very high quality and high reliability components, right here in Australia – and it’s not as expensive as you might think. If cost is the most important consideration, we can have your product manufactured to a high standard overseas.
We have partnered with the best manufacturers in Asia to get you the right quality at the right price.

High or Low Volume

Need 1? Need 100,000? We have the capability to manufacture the quantity that you need, large or small.
We can even arrange to manufacture fixed monthly quantities, with flexible shipping dates to suit your requirements.

Packaging & Drop Ship Available

Benbro has a wealth of experience in designing packaging to transport our electronics. We can do the same for you. Why risk damage to expensive finished product? We can package it for you, ensuring that it gets to you or your customer the same way it left our factory.
We can also warehouse your product and drop ship it direct to your end user.

Protect Your IP

Your Intellectual Property is a valuable asset. We have our own IP, and we know what it’s like to work hard to protect it, so we treat your IP the same way. We go to great lengths to protect your valuable designs, and we guarantee confidentiality.

Fast Turnaround

You don’t have time to wait whilst your product joins a lengthy queue. Benbro has the resources to fast track your product manufacturing. For large quantities, we can stage shipments to meet your needs. If you need a very quick turnaround, we’ve partnered with the best suppliers to ensure that we meet the agreed deadlines.


Our Expertise

Benbro specialises in very reliable analogue electronic systems and highly efficient LED lighting systems. You’ll understand our capabilities when you look at our existing product range and the list of customers to whom we’ve been supplying custom made systems for many years.

Design Services

We welcome enquiries that can make use of our unique capabilities. We will tailor our response to match your needs, all the way from initial concept, through prototyping, accreditation to manufacturing. It doesn’t matter whether you need one system or many – our design and manufacturing capacity will satisfy your most exacting requirements.


An idea is only a good idea if it can be properly executed. Benbro’s design and manufacturing services will create innovative, high quality products that will operate reliably for many years in the most challenging of environments. This includes:

Component Selection

As manufacturers ourselves we understand your need for a robust design and component selection that provides exactly the right balance between cost, performance and reliability.

Time to Market

We know that minimising the time to market is extremely important to you. A lost opportunity never comes again!

Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture is a prime focus for our design team. We take care in choosing the components and processes so that what goes into production provides the highest quality at a competitive price.

Our Reputation

“Get the Benbro” is what we’ve heard our customers shout for many years – they know exactly who to turn to when only the best and most reliable will do. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering innovative, quality solutions that are commercial ready.

Benbro – where reliability lives!

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