Benbro Electronics - History

Formed in 1985 the company has gone from strength to strength since its inception. Initially setup to manufacture and sell a limited range of audio equipment, it was not long before other opportunities began to surface and Benbro expanded its capability and range into power supplies and DC/DC converters, mainly for other OEMs.

Along the way Benbro forged a series of strategic partnerships in voltage control, solar power, UHF radio equipment, audio and numerous other electronic development projects. Strategic partnerships were formed with; BP Solar, Telstra, Optus, Eaton Corporation, Mine Site Technologies, Department of Defence (Navy), Eltek, Queenland Rail, NSW Police, Air Services Australia, West Australian Rail and many others.

One of Benbro's key strengths is its ability to problem solve and develop innovative products to meet different requirements. Such is the firm's capability that Benbro products can be found throughout the world, from large solar projects in Malaysia, the Philippines and Columbia to mining communications systems in Australia, Chile and the USA.

Benbro also has an international reputation for their employment practices and was described in an OECD report as a 'best practice employer' for their record in employing and training people with disabilities, at above-award wages and conditions, to manufacture their 'mission critical' products.

Over the past 30 years Benbro has won numerous awards including the Prime Minister's Employer of the Year award and the ACCI/BCA National Work and Family Awards. 

In 2014, DBD Innovations (an electronics research company) approached Benbro to discuss taking over the operation. By February 2015, a new entity (DBD Group) was formed to take over the assets and trading name of Benbro Electronics. The Management Team consists of Directors Piotr Glowacki, and Matthew Vinokur, who are all veterans of the electronics and manufacturing sector, and CEO Daniel Martinez with over 40 years’ experience in international finance industry.

The original staff were all retained, and Benbro has now added new products to its inventory, whilst systematically improving the existing product range. Benbro is launching a new series of high power density DC/DC converters, and a range of communication protocols is rolling out onto existing products. The same focus on high reliability and high quality, is continuing to be a core ethic of the company, as is the Australian made focus.

Benbro will continue to use its mix of quality resources and depth of expertise to develop innovative electronic products. Benbro actively engages with its customers to provide them with quality, cost effective products.

Benbro's History Timeline