Benbro Electronics - Electronic Design

Power electronics

Benbro is widely recognised as a pioneer in power electronics. Our engineers have decades of experience in the design of high efficiency products, including DC/DC converters and transformers.

Comms (wired & wireless)

Benbro has an innovative modular design at the heart of its comms products. We can integrate these modules into a client’s existing product, or create new products, with the client fully owning the design.

Analogue design

If you are seeking an analogue design specialist, Benbro has the team to bring your design to life. Analogue design is the backbone of our expertise, and we have tried and tested solutions available to integrate into your product. With 30+ years of analogue design experience, we know how to get it right, first time.


We can produce code to match the specific requirements of your hardware. Embedded firmware makes your products more reliable and more difficult to copy while lowering the production cost. At Benbro, we believe that reliable hardware isn’t complete without robust firmware.

Fast turnaround

You don’t have time to wait whilst your design goes through endless iterations. Benbro has the expertise to fast track your product from drawing board to production. We have a vast library of design modules for you to draw on, speeding up the process. Solid experience in project scoping ensures that we set the goalposts early.

Generate / Protect Customer IP

Our staff are fully conversant with the generation and protection of Intellectual Property. We treat your IP with the respect it deserves, and vigorously protect your designs. We can even help you with lodging your patent or register your design.

Full prototyping available

We can handle the full prototype, hardware, software, firmware and enclosure. Custom housing? Stainless fabrication? Glass or plastic? No problem for the team at Benbro, we’ll get it done and ensure that the complete package looks exactly how you want it to.

Improve existing designs

If you have an existing design that needs a little “freshen up”, then we can look after your needs. Cost effective ways to extend your product life are a speciality. We will show you how to keep the best of your old designs, and turn them back into a saleable product.