MATRIX Pure Sine Wave Online UPS 19” Rack Mount 3RU

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UPS- Uninterrupted Power System, is an energy storage device linked into the power system, when the AC power supply is normal, monitored through the UPS, the grid power is passed through. When the AC power supply is cut or interrupted, the UPS can provide power to the load by inverting the power supply of the battery within a 4-10 mili-second or “zero” interruption time, ensuring that the load (e.g. network room, medical devices, data storage, refrigeration) maintains a normal operation.

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The MATRIX range of Online UPS modules with onboard display panel features a pure sine wave output, zero transfer time and a variety of communication abilities. Featuring onboard battery charging (external batteries) and up to 5000W AC output (battery dependant). The MATRIX range offers ‘plug and play’ parallel connections and a diverse range of features for a competitive price

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 4.20 × 4.20 × 13.08 cm
Input Voltage


Working voltage Range


Cutoff voltage

≤ DC40V,or ≥DC66V

By-pass voltage


Power Factor


Transfer time

line mode↔battery mode 0ms
line mode/battery mode↔4ms

Communication Interface

Rs232 and USB Efficiency: 93% (Peak Efficiency)


5s@≥150% load; 10s@105%~150% load

Output Current