UPS Status Indicator
UPS Status Indicator

UPS Status Indicator

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The Benbro UPS Status Indicator (UPSSI) has been specifically designed to provide remote indication of the UPS status in a medical environment. It is suitable for installation in operating theatres, intensive care, recovery wards, isolation rooms, nursing stations, treatment rooms, and other special care areas.

The equipment is suitable for wall mounting in a standard Australian electrical accessory bracket.

The unit is connected to the UPS electrical supply system and will indicate "Mains On" with a green LED indicator. The unit will indicate loss of supply to the UPS ("UPS in emergency mode") with a synchronised, pulsating, audible alarm and a visual flashing red LED alarm indicator. The UPSSI is equipped with an audio mute button. The visual alarm shall continue until the supply is restored to the UPS, or the UPS is exhausted.

The unit is available with 240VAC as well as 12 VDC input voltage.

The mute function can be configured to "time out" if left unattended for periods of 1 to 4hrs.

The UPSSI is provided with a relay alarm output voltage free contact (select normally open or normally closed on alarm).

Upon total loss of the mains power, the alarm contacts will be in the "Closed Alarm" state.