FOX Range Telco Inverter

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Digital Control: This technology uses a 32-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and high-frequency SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology. It has strong resistance to interference, works very fast, is intelligent, offers precise control, and produces high-quality output.

N+1 Parallel Connection Redundancy Design: The FOX range features a power supply system with redundancy by connecting multiple modules in a way that they support each other. This enhances reliability and allows for flexible configurations.

Parallel Connection Technology without Master/Slave Definitions: Each module operates and connects in parallel independently, controlled by its built-in DSP. This means there is no single point of failure, and the modules automatically share the load evenly.

Hot Plugging: You can plug in or replace modules without any need for manual configuration. The module will automatically start working, making maintenance and changes simple and convenient.

Built-In Bypass: Users can choose between inverter priority or bypass priority, giving flexibility in how the system operates.

Monitoring and Management: The indicator panel uses both sound and light to alert you to any issues, and it provides communication through RS485 and fault dry contacts for additional monitoring and management.

Protection Features: The system includes safeguards against input overvoltage/under-voltage, output overvoltage/under-voltage, overtemperature, and short circuits.

High Power Density: This design is half the width of a standard inverter, taking up less space and making connections easier.

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The FOX range of modular and hot swappable telecommunications grade inverters from Benbro is now available. Available in a compact 1U or 2U size, the FOX range offers conversion of 48VDC or 220VDC to 240VAC 50HZ with complete isolation. Also featuring parallel connection compatibility for 2-8 units (see specifications) and onboard automatic master/slave.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 4.21 × 8.75 × 21.6 cm
DC input voltage

48VDC, 220VDC

DC input range

42~59VDC OR 200~260VDC*

Max. quantity of parallel connection


Rated output voltage


Rated output frequency


Load adjustment rate


Frequency accuracy


Peak factor

3 : 1

Waveform distortion

Resistive full load<3%, non-linear full load<5%


≥88% (rated input voltage, resistive full load)

Dynamic response

Voltage transition range<3%, transition response recovery time≤60ms (load from Oto 100)

Current non-uniformity under parallel connection

<3% effective value of rated current

Product Selection

1KVA Module, 2KVA Module, 3KVA Module, 1RU Case, 2RU Case